Causes of Swollen Gums During Pregnancy and How to Prevent it

During pregnancy, there are changes in body conditions that often interfere with comfort. One of them is the problem of swollen gums during pregnancy or inflammation of the gums during pregnancy. What causes this condition and how to prevent it? In general, swollen gums during pregnancy is a normal condition that is often experienced. This condition is usually caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy, thereby increasing blood flow to the gum tissue which makes it more susceptible to bacterial infections attached to plaque (tartar). In addition, there are other factors that can trigger swollen gums during pregnancy, such as smoking and diseases such as diabetes. Usually, women who before pregnancy have mild inflammation of the gums must be more careful, because during pregnancy, swollen gums can become more severe. Symptoms of Swollen Gums During Pregnancy Swelling of the gums (gingivitis) usually appears and will get worse when the pregnancy enters the second trimester and wil
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